Corporate Massage

Work Place Health

As an employer who encourages employee health and well-being, you’ll not only stand out as an employer of choice, but it’s likely you’ll also have a positive impact on your organization’s productivity. One of the best defenses against stress occurring in the workplace is to provide regular massages for staff.

BODYBAR will tailor each massage to suit your work environment and the needs of each individual. We provide the equipment for your comfort. Massages range from 10-60 minutes per person depending on your needs. Massage is usually done through the recipient’s clothes but massage oils are available upon request.

Benefits to your company & staff

  • Increased productivity & assists in relieving stress.
  • Findings from workplace studies reviewed by Monash University suggest that companies that introduce workplace health programs enhance employee performance.
  • Encouraging wellbeing & harmony in the workplace which in turn creates a positive workplace culture and improved employee retention rates.
  • Reduction in the need for sick days – especially reduced on massage days!
  • Reduces the risk of workplace accidents & injuries including repetitive strain injury.
  • Massage may be tax deductible under Occupational health and safety - please check with your finance department.

Some of the Sections below

  • 10mins Neck and Shoulder per person in 2Hrs can approx do 12 persons
  • 15mins Head, Neck, Shoulder, Arm per person in 2Hrs can approx do 8 persons
  • 30mins Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back per person in 2Hrs can approx do 4 persons

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